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Orthopedists are capable of performing a wide variety of procedures on the musculoskeletal system to treat aches, pains, bone fractures, and more. Salinas Valley Medical Clinic (SVMC) provides residents of Monterey County, the Central Coast and surrounding areas with access to expert orthopedic care.

When to Visit an Orthopedist

Many people do not realize that their primary care physician is not their only option for medical care. A general practitioner is capable of handling many issues, but certain conditions are severe or unique enough that they require treatment from a specialist. When your primary doctor’s treatments are not proving effective, or you believe your condition relates to your muscles or skeletal system, it is in your best interests to consult with an orthopedist.

Some common conditions orthopedists treat include:

Do not wait too long to see an orthopedist if you believe you have a musculoskeletal condition. These injuries and diseases often degrade over time, and are much easier to treat when they a doctor finds them early.