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cardiology in the central coast

Your heart is a strong muscle, and the organ works hard every day to pump an average of 7,000 liters of blood every 24 hours. The heart is built to last a lifetime, and with proper effort, it will. However, human lifestyles have significantly changed in modern years, testing the limits the heart was built to accommodate.

Heart disease is a leading killer in the United States. Our bodies were not designed to routinely eat fatty or sugary foods without getting proper exercise. Unfortunately, high blood pressure and high cholesterol often have no warning signs, leaving many people ignorant about their current heart health. For this reason, everyone should have their blood pressure and cholesterol checked at least once every 2 years.

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Services

Our cardiology care at Salinas Valley Medical Clinic serves to educate patients on how to keep their heart healthy. Our skilled team of cardiac physicians works together to perform cardiovascular health treatments through the Central Coast Cardiology facility, offering many cardiothoracic surgeries.

The following are warning signs that you need a heart checkup:

  • Tight feeling in chest
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Feeling winded after climbing stairs
  • Heart starts pumping faster for no reason
  • Loud snoring, as this could be the result of sleep apnea which impacts your cardiovascular system
  • Constant coughing

Remember: Heart disease is called the silent killer for a reason. While you may have symptoms that hint at a problem, it is highly likely there will be no signs until it’s too late. With regular physicals you can stay on top of your heart health and remain confident that everything is working as it should.