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Despite its name, general surgery is a medical specialty performed by a certified general surgeon who has special training and expertise. General surgeons perform a variety of operations some of which are related to conditions affecting the alimentary tract, abdomen, breast, skin and soft tissue, endocrine system, as well as surgical critical care, surgical oncology and trauma. A general surgeon has a very broad base of knowledge on various organs that allow them to holistically treat patients through their extensive knowledge in anatomy, wound care, emergency care and intensive care. General surgeons typically help their patients along through preoperative, operative and postoperative care.

Specialist vs. General Surgeon

People often believe that their operation requires the technique of a surgeon specializing in the affected part of the body, and immediately feel discouraged when they hear the title “general surgeon.” This prejudice is based on a misconception of what the term means. As mentioned above, general surgery is its own specialty, and there are numerous advantages of working with a general surgeon.

Advantages of working with general surgeons:

  • A general surgeon has undergone comprehensive studies of the body and its systems, allowing them to spot troubling symptoms in the body even when they are not performing surgery on them.
  • You can work with the same general surgeon for a variety of operations, creating a solid relationship.
  • General surgeons work with you through all stages of your operation, not just the surgery itself.
  • A general surgeon has extensive knowledge on various medical specialties, and can recommend follow up treatments for a more holistic recovery from your ailment.

General surgeons spend at least 5 years studying their craft, and are well aware of what operations they are capable of performing. When your procedure is performed by a general surgeon from Salinas Valley Medical Clinic, you can rest assured that they have considered all your options and determined their expertise is what your treatment requires.