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Teens begin receiving COVID-19 vaccine in Salinas and across the state

Teens begin receiving COVID-19 vaccine in Salinas and across the state

SALINAS, Calif. — With the COVID-19 vaccine becoming available Thursday to anyone over the age of 16 without restrictions, many teens jumped at the opportunity to get their first dose.

“It went well it kind of hurt a little bit but not really,” said Ariana Pennise who got a Pfizer shot at the Salinas Valley medical clinic on Abbott street in south Salinas.

Of course, mom had something to do with that.

“She's like I'm going to get it you're going to get it so let’s get this done,” said Pennise.

“As far as my entire family is concerned it’s not a choice it’s something that we need to do to survive,” added Ariana’s mother Cheryl.

Ariana was one of more than 50 teens who were vaccinated at the Salinas Valley medical clinic Thursday. Another 200 teens lined up to be vaccinated at a clinic held at North Salinas high.

Nurses said they could feel the enthusiasm.

“They all come in and they're all really excited to be getting vaccinated and it makes me really happy there's no hesitation with them they're excited to be hear excited to be part of the solution,” said SVMH registered nurse Angele Fuidge.

Ariana Pennise, a gymnast is now part of the solution who also has a new sense of security that comes with a COVID shot.

“A little bit more safe in competition there's a lot of people around you everybody's moving and sweating breathing so like getting the shot is going to be safer for me to be able to do that,” said Pennise.

With all high schoolers hoping to return to the classroom this fall Ariana’s mother encouraging every parent to get their teen vaccinated.

“August, when they go back full-time and I know a lot of educators aren't getting vaccinated and I want my kids to be safe so there really was no question in my mind when it came her turn to bring her down and have it done,” said Cheryl Pennise.

If your child needs a COVID shot, SVMH reporting that they have hundreds of appointments available for Friday and next week.