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Volunteer Application

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Describe your employment experience, if any. Please list employers, dates, and describe duties.
Describe previous volunteer experience, if any. Please list organization, date, and describe service.
Do you have any friends who work or volunteer for SVMH? Please list name(s) and relationship(s).
Please list your hobbies, interests, and memberships. (You may omit those which indicate your race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age, gender, physical or mental impairment, or medical condition)
Please check areas in which you have had training or experience:

Would you be able to perform the following tasks (with or without accommodation): pushing patients in wheelchairs, standing at a cash register, answering phones, assisting with patient needs, i.e. refilling water, watering, plants.

If No, please explain.
Why are you interested in volunteering?
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When will you graduate? Enter Year.

TB Screening is required for all hospital volunteers initially and annually thereafter. There is no charge for this test, which is administered by the SVMHS Employee Health Nurse. If you have a history of positive skin test results, Employee Health will request a baseline chest X-ray and annual "sign and symptom review" questionnaire.

If under 18, please click here to complete school and parent contact information and print a parental consent

For Spiritual Care Volunteers, please click here to complete congregation information and print pastor referral

For Pet Therapy Volunteers, please click here to complete supplemental questionnaire

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