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Wound Healing Center

Wound Healing Center
The Regional Wound Healing Center of the Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System is a physician-led, technologically advanced, outpatient center designed specifically for patients with chronic, non-healing wounds. The Regional Wound Healing Center helps patients with diabetes, poor vascular circulation, infections, insect bites and other conditions that lead to persistent wounds resistant to conventional therapies.

The Regional Wound Healing Center is staffed by a team of experienced and certified physicians dedicated to promoting the healing of chronic sores, ulcers and wounds in a caring environment. Specially trained Registered Nurses serve as case managers, providing expert care with a comforting personal touch.

We care for patients of all ages suffering from wounds of all shapes and sizes by applying leading-edge healing methodology and utilizing the latest diagnostic and treatment equipment to bring a unified approach to wound management. Patients are evaluated to determine the presence of any underlying physical conditions that may inhibit the natural healing process. From initial appraisal, to diagnostic testing, to custom treatment programs, to on going education and counseling, patients receive the finest care available.

Our expert staff works closely with the referring physician as part of a coordinated interdisciplinary wellness team. Our integrated healing program includes continuing care from the patient's family doctor, scheduled visits to the Regional Wound Healing Center and a home treatment program. The primary-care physician continues to direct the patients overall care, while the Regional Wound Healing Center staff provides the physician with comprehensive progress reports throughout the course of treatment.

The Regional Wound Healing Center emphasizes the philosophy that the patient's role in dressing, cleaning and protecting a wound is vital to a successful healing program. We provide the individualized education and training patients and their caregivers need to speed the healing process. Our structured regimen also helps prevent reoccurrences.

Regional Wound Healing Center Physicians

Matthew Romans, MD - Medical Director, Board Certified in Plastic Surgery
Allen Radner, MD
- Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases
Jeremy Silk, MD - Board Certified in Plastic Surgery
Loyde Inlow, DPM - Board Certified in Podiatric Surgery
James K. Ushiba, MD - Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery
Justin Swan, MD - Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery
Tarun Bajaj, MD - Board Certified in General Surgery
Alberto Martinez, MD - Board Certified in Family Medicine

Regional Wound Healing Center

440 East Romie Lane 
Salinas, CA 
Phone: 831-759-3236 
Fax: 831-753-5100