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PediatricsMuch can be written about the technology, expertise, and the full spectrum of care we offer in the Pediatric Unit at Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System. Indeed, top to bottom, our unit is cutting edge. But there's something more important we want you to know about - our philosophy of caring for children. Kids have a special place not only in our facility but also in our hearts. When a child is sick we care for it as though it were one of our own and we encourage family members to be part of the healing process.

We relate to children. That is why, in addition to an experienced pediatric staff and advanced medical treatment, you will find a playful but healing environment here. We've made every effort to see our environment through the eyes of little ones.

An Experienced Pediatric Staff

Leading-edge medical treatment is one important tool in our arsenal. Additionally, our pediatric staff is highly skilled and includes registered nurses with specialized training in Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

Special Rooms for Kids — A cheerful, healing environment fostering our family-centered approach to comfort and healing, eighteen rooms are specially designed for children, and can also accommodate their parents. Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital also has a special procedure room for children. It's a pastel colored room with inviting animals on the wall. There's a hippo shaped table that is purple in color and great to climb upon. The wonderful hippo procedure table was generously donated by Taco Bell of Monterey County, Gary and Sandra Loesch.

Our Murals — You cannot help but smile when you see the details that have gone into making our pediatrics department friendly for children. It looks like you've stepped onto an outside street with lights that go on every evening at dusk, when you walk into the pediatrics department at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. The hand painted murals from Crozier Studios are floor to ceiling murals that line the entire radius of the pediatrics department.

Our Playroom — A hospital does not have to be a scary place. Movies, handpainted chairs, books, dollhouse, toys are not common items you would find in a hospital, but they are the standard for our indoor playroom. A large screen television and VCRs provide further comfort and entertainment. Children come first at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, which is why they have a playroom dedicated just to them! The can hang out with their parents, friends or just sit back in the big chair and enjoy a movie. Our playroom toys are generously donated by the Stanley Haynes Family Trust and Cinderella Carpet. Our wonderful doll house was generously donated in memory of Sue P. Dove by Sue Samuels.

Our Playground — There's a secret place for the visitors of Salinas Valley Memorials Hospital pediatrics department. It's a rooftop playground called the Children's Park, which was funded by SVMH Service League Volunteers. There is a climbing structure, rideable toys, a log cabin and bench to sit and enjoy the hand painted murals and fresh air.

The Power of Art and Music — Part of our "healing approach" is to provide play, art and music to help express feelings and develop a sense of mastery over illness and hospitalization. We offer a specialized art and music therapy program to children and their families.