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Treatments & Types

Salinas Valley Memorial offers a wide array of treatments for stroke patients. The treatments you receive depend on the type of stroke you have had and your specific condition. Your doctor will discuss your treatment plan with you.

Ischemic stroke treatments


Thrombolytic, or “clot buster” drugs help reestablish blood flow to the brain by dissolving the clots that are blocking the flow. You may have heard the drug referred to as TPA. These drugs are only used if you have had an ischemic stroke (blockage).

Minimally invasive surgical procedures

Through a small incision in the upper leg, a tiny tube is inserted into the artery and up to where the clot is lodged. X-ray technology shows the area being treated. These procedures are very specialized and usually only available in large teaching hospitals. We have a partnership with Stanford Medical Center for rapid transfer of stroke patients who would benefit from this type of treatment.

  • A thrombolytic medicine such as TPA may be injected directly into the clot.
  • A tiny net-like device is used to trap and remove the clot.


Hemorrhagic stroke treatments

Most treatments (including minimally invasive surgical procedures) for hemorrhagic (bleeding) strokes are focused on preventing the stroke from becoming larger and causing greater damage.


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