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Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System was the first single-room maternity care in the region. Labor and delivery take place in one comfortable, attractive room, a nurturing, homelike setting for the pregnant patient and her family.

Care for mothers and newborns
Most newborns stay with their mothers, but for babies requiring extra care, a newborn nursery is ready and available. A multi-disciplinary team of obstetricians, nursing staff, obstetrics technologists and support services are continuously available.

Care for ill and premature babies
We have the only level III neonatal intensive care unit nursery for premature or seriously ill babies in the region.

Lactation services & preparation
We have a board certified lactation consultant on staff who offers support and education as well as telephone counseling. Call 757-4333, ext. 2852 for more information.

Newborns' hearing testing
We give newborns a fast and painless test for hearing, because early detection is the key to preventing a lifetime of hardships.

Childbirth preparation classes
We embrace all aspects of health and healing with classes that enrich the experience of giving birth and that nurture the life of the whole family.

Infant & Parent Communication and Massage
Communication and massage will help build lifelong emotional and physical health for your baby. This class is for parents and their NON-CRAWLING infant. Contact Babyline/Childbirth Education at 753-2229.

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