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Level II Trauma

Salinas Valley Memorial is working toward becoming a Level II Trauma Center because it is committed to providing the necessary advanced care required to meet the healthcare needs of the central coast community.  It is the right thing to do for our patients and our community. 

Trauma care is one of the most critical services a hospital can provide its community. Salinas Valley Memorial currently handles approximately 400 trauma cases every year, and almost as many leave the county for advanced trauma care in Bay Area hospitals.  

Salinas Valley Memorial is working with Stanford Hospital & Clinics in the development of its trauma program.  Stanford is providing guidance for trauma center development and operations. This academic relationship has benefitted patients in other programs such as the Stanford Cardiac Surgery Program at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), which is operated out of a joint venture with Stanford, and the Perinatal Diagnostic Center.  

Salinas Valley Memorial is uniquely positioned to become the region’s Level II Trauma Center for several reasons:

  • SVMHS is the only Salinas Valley hospital with a full complement of neurosurgery, cardiac, and orthopedic services.
  • Salinas Valley Memorial has the highest acuity level in Salinas, meaning we take care of the “sickest of the sick” in our region.
  • SVMHS has quality measures in place in the disciplines necessary for trauma, receiving national recognition for its level of quality care.  With a highly acclaimed medical, nursing and support staff, Salinas Valley Memorial ranks in the top 10% of hospitals nationwide in some areas critical to trauma such as pulmonary medicine.
  • Because SVMHS currently treats trauma cases and has the medical staff and systems in place, the cost to fully develop to a Level II Trauma Center will be considerably less.  SVMHS projects a total expenditure of $3 million to build out the Level II Trauma Center. 

Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System is currently mobilizing resources to create a trauma program that meets our high standards of clinical excellence. 

Salinas Valley Memorial’s President/CEO, Pete Delgado, ran one of the country’s largest trauma centers when he was CEO of USC/Los Angeles County Hospital for nine years prior to joining SVMHS.  Mr. Delgado has the experience to make the SVMHS Trauma Center a success. 

This project is a natural continuation of Salinas Valley Memorial’s tradition of being at the forefront of local healthcare evolution. For sixty years, SVMHS has been at the forefront of bringing advanced medical technology to the region including the first heart program to the area and the first (and only) robotic surgery suite. The Level II Trauma Center is the next step in a long history of SVMHS firsts for our community.