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Mended Hearts

Mended Hearts is the longest running peer-to-peer cardiac support group in the country.  The SVMHS based chapter is the only one in the area offering this unique  physician-endorsed support model to help heart patients, families and caregivers.  Mended Hearts is a resource from the time of diagnosis through the journey of recovery with social, emotional and practical support. There are monthly meetings as well as informational meetings for people just wanting to learn more. Please call 831-759-1890 for dates, times and locations. For scheduled meeting times and topics, you can also download our pathways calendar of events from our website here.

The SVMHS local chapter is part of a larger, community-based, nationwide heart patient support network founded in 1951. More than 18,000 members operate through 300 chapters and satellite organizations across the U.S., with one chapter in Canada. Recognized for its role in facilitating a positive patient-care experience, Mended Hearts partners with hospitals and cardiac rehabilitation clinics offering heart patient support through visiting programs, group meetings and educational forums. The Mended Hearts mission is “Inspiring hope and improving the quality of life for heart patients and their families through ongoing peer-to-peer support.”

Education and Support Programs

Person-to-Person Visiting Program

Mended Hearts members are like the people they serve - they are heart patients and family members serving others going through what they went through themselves. This allows them to draw on their own personal experience as they educate, reassure and inspire others. Heart patients and their families gain hope by seeing others who have survived heart disease and are healthy. Healthcare professionals continually praise the patient-to-patient connection as they witness firsthand the benefits to their patients' overall recovery.

Group Meetings

Support Group Programs — Mended Hearts chapter support groups show people that a rich, rewarding life is possible after a heart event. Members listen, share their experiences, and discuss matters relating to lifestyle changes, depression, recovery and treatment. Healthcare professionals and businesses are often invited to provide valuable information and answer questions during chapter programs.


Download the latest newsletter here.

Visit the National Mended Hearts website here.