Making a Difference
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Making a Difference

At Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System our nurses are not only committed to their patients, but to the community and beyond. Learn about some of the ways they are giving back:

Mission Trip to Africa

"I was aware of Malawi from TV, but had no idea of the extent of need until I went there," remembers Laura Bomarito, RN, CCC. When the assistant pastor of her church retired, he and his wife left for a five-year mission to Malawi. "Nurses were needed so a friend and I decided to go and work in the clinics. When we arrived, we found that the clinics were for 'rich' people so we went out into the bush of Africa." The 18-day mission in April 2009 took the team to five remote villages where Laura and her friend cared for 500 people. "We had to turn away about 100 people in each village," said Laura. In October 2009 they are going back with four additional nurses in hopes of seeing 1,500 more people. "My experience in Malawi confirmed the reasons I became a nurse. I know I can't save the world, but I can make a difference in Malawi and at home."

Relay for Life

Several nurses from Salinas Valley Memorial formed a team that participated in the June 2009 Relay for Life. Their efforts raised $4,000 to support the American Cancer Society.