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Take the Heart Test 

There’s an easy way to know if you are at risk for heart disease—take the Heart Test. There are factors such as age, weight and blood pressure which can help determine your risk for heart disease. We have a simple, ten point information form. Fill it out and you’ll not only know your risks, but also what you can do to reduce the ones that are under your control (the majority of risk factors are controllable). Taking time to understand your risk factors just might save your life. 

Take the Heart Test here

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Early Heart Attack Care

Heart Attacks have "beginnings" and knowing the subtle danger signs of a Heart Attack are critical to seek treatment before the heart is damaged. 85% of heart damage occurs within the first two hours of a Heart Attack. Survival rates improve after a Heart Attack if you get to the hospital early and treatment begins within one hour. Pay attention to the early warning signs and CALL 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY.

EARLY Heart Attack signs may include:

 • Chest Discomfort 

• Shortness of Breath 

• Shoulder and/or arm pain 

• Back or belly pain 

• Nausea 

• Jaw pain 

• Weakness or fatigue 

• Anxiety 

People may feel mild chest symptoms such as pressure, burning, aching or tightness. These symptoms may come and go until finally becoming constant and severe.

Early Heart Attack Care Flier for Home or Work

Early Heart Attack Care Flier Spanish version here

Regional Heart Center

Heart disease causes one of every six deaths in the United States and is the number one killer of women. Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System has resources and a team of leading experts in the field dedicated to changing those statistics. 

More Information on SVMHS Regional Heart Center