Nutrition Facts

Serving Size1/12 of recipe
Calories from Fat25
Total Fat3 g
Saturated Fat2 g
Cholesterol5 mg
Sodium270 mg
Total Carbohydrate53 g
Dietary Fiber2 g
Sugars30 g
Proteins5 g
Vitamin A4% DV
Vitamin C15% DV
Calcium6% DV
Iron8% DV

Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Servings and Times

Preparation Time1 hour, 15 minutes

Cups of Fruits and Vegetables Per Person:  1.0

Ingredients and Preparation

Sugar¾ cup
Egg substitute½ cup
Butter, softened1/3 cup
Fat free milk1/3 cup
Bread, cubed10 slices
Crushed pineapple, undrained2 cans (20 ounces)
Cinnamon1 teaspoon
Raisins½ cup
  1. Directions
  2. Mix all ingredients together, except bread and raisins.
  3. Fold in bread gently.
  4. Pour into 2 -quart unbuttered casserole dish.
  5. Bake uncovered at 350ºF for 1 hour. Top with raisins and serve.