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Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital has implemented a vendor program that includes a series of strict policies aimed at better managing the rising complexity of regulatory compliance issues. The policies were developed with patient safety in mind and will enforce protocols for a more professional and consistent relationship with vendors.

The Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital Vendor Program allows us to maintain a repository of contact, financial, legal, and product information from our vendors; in addition to a platform for policy and documentation exchange.

There is a nominal fee for vendor registration which is per company registration, not per representative. The fee ranges from $25 to $250 per year and the actual fee is determined by the hospital based on the vendor's risk profile. The annual fee is paid to our partner, Vendormate, Inc. and is used to purchase 3rd party data perform screening and credentialing, store compliance information and documentation, notify vendors of training, policy changes, and compliance regulations, and monitor and alert company status throughout the year. We expect each of your sales representatives who interact with us to register and provide his/her representatives details. Only the first representative to register will be charged the fee.

Vendor Registration:

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