Pet Therapy
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Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy VolunteersAs a Pet Therapy volunteer you will have the opportunity to share your pet's loving and nurturing personality with our patients. For hospital patients the presence of a pet can brighten their day and give them a break from the challenges they are currently facing.

To become a Pet Therapy Volunteer:

  • Complete the Therapy Dog International Certification by calling (973) 252-9800 or visiting
  • Complete a Pet Therapy Volunteer application
  • Attend a 30 minute placement interview
  • Attend a volunteer informational training meeting and ambassador training
  • Attend a one hour floor training and observation of an experienced Pet Therapy Team
  • Attend a 2-hour evaluation and training with your dog
  • Complete two 2-hour training sessions with your dog

Each visit entails one to two hours for grooming prior to your visit and approximately one to two hours of visitation time.