Negotiations Update
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Negotiations Update

The collective bargaining agreement with the California Nurses Association (CNA) covers about 600 registered nurses at SVMH. We began formal contract talks with the union in February 2014 to reach an agreement that is in the long term best interests of our nurses and the hospital. 

A new contract gives us the opportunity to work with the union to determine what's working, what isn't and how we can reach agreement on key issues related to nurses pay, benefits and working conditions.

Our nurses are the heart of our patient care system, responsible for delivering quality, compassionate patient care every day.  Our goal is not only to reach a new contract, but also to promote and enhance our nursing practice and make sure we maintain a supportive working environment for nurses and all the employees who are part of the SVMH team.

We are proud of our nursing team and professional practice environment.  Our nurses have an average seniority of 18 years with SVMH, and our nursing turnover rate is less than 7% and well below the state average of 11%. Pay and benefits for our nurses are above industry and market standards.

The work at the bargaining table is focused on achieving a new contract that provides competitive pay and benefits, improves patient satisfaction with a proposed reorganization, and helps keep Salinas Valley Memorial strong for the communities we serve.

Learn more by visiting the website we have dedicated to this issue

The video below explains how the proposed restructuring would work and how it is designed to improve patient care and provide greater support for our nurses. As proposed, the plan is expected to result in fewer than 20 layoffs system wide with no bedside nurse layoffs and designated nurses to provide the breaks our bedside nurses need and deserve.