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Zoned Elections

The Salinas Valley Memorial Health System Board of Directors voted to implement zoned elections, moving from the current “at large” system that has been in place since the inception of the Healthcare District 60 years ago. Upon approval from the Department of Justice and commencing with the November 2012 elections, members of the Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System Board of Directors will be elected from one of five zones within the Healthcare District. State law requires the terms of Board members to be staggered. The seats currently held by Director Patrick Egan and Director Nathan Olivas are coming to the end of their 4-year terms, and will be up for election in November 2012. Elections for those seats will be held in November in the new Zone 2 and Zone 3.


District 1 map District 2 map District 3 map District 4 map District 5 map

Notice to the community concerning submission to the Department of Justice for zoned elections

DOJ submission part one

DOJ submission part two

DOJ submission part three

DOJ submission part four

DOJ submission part five

DOJ submission part six

DOJ submission part seven

DOJ submission part eight

DOJ submission part nine

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Population by Census Tract

Proposed District Map