Intensive Care, Critical Care Units
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Intensive Care, Critical Care Units

The ICU/CCU is a high-quality thirteen-bed unit operated twenty-four hours a day and staffed by Registered Nurses. There are nine ICU licensed beds in the Heart Center and four in Level II to accommodate the overflow of critically ill patients. Patients range in age from one month through geriatric. The patient-focused care model is used in the delivery of care by a multi-disciplinary treatment team comprised of medical specialists (cardiologists, neurosurgeons, cardiac/thoracic surgeons, neurologists, pulmonologists), nursing staff, medical staff, respiratory therapists, physical/occupational therapists, nutritionists, social service workers and discharge planning and support services staff according to the needs of the patients. The RN performs a precursory assessment for immediate life-threatening situations within five minutes of a patient's arrival to the unit. The first physiological system to be assessed will be the one in which the primary medical problem, illness or compromise exists. Services are provided based upon patient assessments, patient preferences, plans of care and medical staff orders. Other services are provided through appropriate referrals.

The primary patient diagnoses and therapeutic/diagnostic modalities available include:

• Acute myocardial infarction
• Open heart surgery
• Neurosurgery
• Thoracic surgery and abdominal surgery
• Multiple trauma
• Invasive hemodynamic monitoring/PA and arterial catheterization
• Cardiac monitoring
• Intra-aortic balloon pump monitoring and management

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