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Holter Monitoring

Holter monitoring is also known as ambulatory electrocardiography, ambulatory ECG or ambulatory EKG. In it, a patient wears a small recorder called a Holter monitor as he or she goes about normal daily life. The machine makes a graphic record of the heart's electrical currents.

Ambulatory EKG is mainly used to document and describe abnormal electrical activity in the heart. This can be random, spontaneous, sleep-related or caused by emotion or stress. Capturing and relating symptoms with rhythm disturbances (changes in the normal electrical pattern of the electrocardiogram) during activity requires recording or observing the heart's electrical activity during that time. This must be done continuously over time as a person goes about normal daily activities.

There are two basic types of recording devices. Continuous recorders are most often used for 24-48 hours. Intermittent recorders are used for weeks to months to provide brief, intermittent recordings.

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