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Birth Services

Infant & Parent Communication and Massage

We embrace all aspects of health and healing with classes that enrich the experience of giving birth and that nurture the life of the whole family.

Child Birth Preparation Series

The Child Birth Preparation Series is recommended for all expectant women and their birth partners. Participants will learn the signs and stages of normal labor and birth, how to prepare for it, both on a physical and emotional level. Also emphasized is; healthy lifestyles for pregnancy and postpartum; comfort measures (such as positioning, massage, hydrotherapy and relaxation skills to use during labor, and after pregnancy). Those who attend will also learn communication skills and guidance to make informed decisions relating to anesthesia and medical procedures or problems that can arise during labor and birth.

Breastfeeding Made Easy

Breastfeeding Made Easy teaches women how to successfully breastfeed their babies. Participants will learn breast anatomy and physiology and how to identify problems and solutions related to breastfeeding. Fathers and coaches are strongly encouraged to attend. Co-sponsored by the Salinas Adult School, classes are held on Saturdays. It is recommended that you complete this class at least one month prior to your due date.

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